Nov 2016, Pomze was on French TV news   June 2017, Pomze is on Brazilian TV 

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Welcome to Pomze at 109 boulevard Haussmann Paris 8°,

Pomze is a restaurant, a shop, and a story of apples, a very French story, interpreted by a well-international team, where each member contributes a bit of their story and their culture.

Local products sometimes associated with flavours from faraway, souvenirs of our journeys and experiences, as well as around hundred varieties of apples pass through our restaurant each year. They are like notes for our musical score, like colours for our palette. So, discover our seasonal menu, rediscover ciders, pommeaux and Calvados in our dining rooms’ comfort, discover Pomze… After 15 years, more than ever, we are committed to do everything to give you the best vaqlue for money and the best possible experience 

Autumn, long lasting and good friends are coming from all over the planet , visiting Paris, or Parisians shopping or on business lunch at Pomze, friends from all over France or Europe bringing new partners and new friends... Best peoples, best products .

This autumn and for more than couple of year now, we are changing the menu almost every month, so you'd better be ready to pick the right apple, the right apple juice or the right Calvados... Here's the time to try them with seasonals vegetables or products. Here comes the time to try new ciders and see what is left in the Calvados barrels. 

This season Alexia and Pomze's team have been cooking us a very delicate menu : Rubinette apple and pumpkin velouté, crispy fig ravioli with buttermilk. End of the Tomato season so you should try the fried gried tomatoes, shrimp remoulade, house smoked salmon, granny smith and horseradish ... Feeling veggi, there is now a starter and a real veggi plate on thre menu l- feeling hungry, for the meat eaters ones enjoy the beef tenderloin with red onions, pommes Anna and bone marrow gremolata . But more than anything enjoy the flavors and textures that the season can bring in your plates.

I should add that for the last four years you will find on the menu the Gluten free logo, the all homemade logo and the Mâitre restaurateur's one... allergic to something or simply vegetarian ask for it. lots of logos but this is all for you, so if we missed something, just let us know.  

We sincerely hope that you will have a good time at Pomze -109 boulevard Haussmann Paris 8°- and we’ll try our best to do so.

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